How to start a business in Dubai

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How start Business in Dubai

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How start Business in Dubai - Let me help you!

How start Business in Dubai

For who?...Start-up Entrepreneurs in Dubai

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My 25 years of useful knowledge in 12 Modules - how start business in Dubai

My name is Marc, and at 57 years of age, I embrace my youthful spirit. Originally from the Netherlands, I have spent over 25 years as an entrepreneur, currently residing in Dubai. Throughout my journey, I have founded multiple companies and undertaken reorganizations to enhance business operations. I take a hands-on approach to my work, offering my comprehensive expertise to startups. While I may not possess all-encompassing knowledge, my extensive experience in various aspects of business, such as organization, sales, marketing, business planning, and team management, has equipped me with substantial insights. I have also developed considerable proficiency in website development and rapid elevation of search engine rankings through Google SEO.


After assisting numerous fellow entrepreneurs, I have made the decision to share my knowledge through a series of 12 video modules. By learning from my past mistakes and successful strategies, you can significantly expedite the growth of your business. Implementing approximately 80% of my expertise will propel you forward by leaps and bounds, effectively compressing decades of progress into a single step. Having navigated diverse industries and conquered numerous challenges, I possess the know-how to accomplish tasks successfully. If you are embarking on a business venture in Dubai, seize the opportunity to gain a head start with my knowledge and increase your chances of achieving success. Any questions, get in touch with me!

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How start business in Dubai

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My specialisations

Transport company established with 6 locations, Operations Manager, Industrial Engineering Manager, Logistic Manager, Area Manager, Sales Director, CEO.

I built many websites and web shops myself and improved things with my IT team and SEO specialist. I started up my own companies in many different industries such as Logistics and Transport, Temporary Employment and Recruitment, Retail, Events industry, Coaching, Car sales and maintenance, Leasing, E-commerce platforms. 

Served as Managing Director, Commercial Director, Operations Director, Logistics and Operations Manager, CEO of Recruitment agencies, Coaching Entrepreneurs, Region Manager of Leasing- and car companies the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, United Arab Emirates.

Embark on a Successful Journey with My 25 Years of Entrepreneurial Expertise!

Accelerate your progress by tapping into my extensive knowledge gained over 25 years as an entrepreneur. Unlock the secrets of success by purchasing my comprehensive 12 video modules and gain invaluable insights that can transform your business!

To provide you with a taste of what awaits you, I invite you to experience the first module absolutely free. This introductory video will allow you to familiarize yourself with my teaching style and understand the value that each module brings.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to access a wealth of knowledge that can propel your business forward. Invest in my 12 video modules today and embark on a journey towards entrepreneurial excellence!

How start Business in Dubai with our Expert Team

Streamline your business set-up process with the assistance of our dedicated team of professionals. We offer a comprehensive range of services, all conveniently available under one roof. From arranging visas, ID cards, and driving licenses to facilitating bank account opening, money transfers from Europe, and securing suitable housing, we’ve got you covered.

But that’s not all – our expertise extends beyond the basics. We can also assist with website development and domain registration, ensuring your online presence is captivating and effective.


Additionally, we provide access to world health insurance coverage to safeguard your well-being and offer private coaching services to support your personal growth and development.

With our team of professionals by your side, you can navigate the complexities of business set-up with confidence. Let us handle the intricacies while you focus on realizing your entrepreneurial vision. Experience a seamless and comprehensive solution to all your business needs today!

Some client reviews


Koen van Opstalen - Belgium


Before I knew my way around Dubai a bit, I was several weeks away. When I was looking for a company to help me arrange everything, I saw Marc come by. I watched his videos and really benefited from them. Separate perspective and definitely very helpful to me. I also had a lot of contact with his business app that I subscribed to for several months, very helpful when I was stuck with something I couldn’t figure out on my own. Soon he will also help me with a new web shop. He also figured out and took care of many different things for me, like social media set up, and helped with the SEO. Top guy for me.


Bart Elders - The Netherlands


I got in touch with Marc through a friend. It clicked immediately and I was very well helped with arranging everything to set up my business in Dubai. His support on a lot of things was really super arranged. Fine and fast communication. Thanks Marc for helping me how start business in Dubai!


Collin Brasley - UK


Through the Internet, I came across Marc. He has a lot of knowledge and experience (I have seen all his video’s), unbelievable, and he gave me many personal, usable tips. Also his vision on certain things got me thinking and I did make some adjustments in my strategy. Marc coached me very well and helped and explained me with setting up my website and how to be found in google. Even arranged my health insurance through Marc with a German insurer. I will stay in contact with him because for me it is a real added value! Highly recommended!