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How start Business in Dubai

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Frequently asked questions

  • What motivates you to provide your expertise in entrepreneurship?

At the age of 57, with a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and having experienced both successes and challenges throughout my journey, people around me frequently inquire why I haven’t shared my knowledge with other entrepreneurs and start-ups. Living in Dubai, I sought to embark on a new and enjoyable venture. Hence, I decided to convert my expertise into a series of 12 video modules that are now available for purchase.

  • What is the extent of your experience as an entrepreneur?

I possess more than 25 years of hands-on experience in leading, reorganizing, and establishing companies across diverse industries and geographical locations. As an entrepreneur, I excel in providing direct leadership and coaching to drive successful outcomes.

  • What are the benefits or advantages of having access to Marc’s knowledge?

For startups and entrepreneurs seeking growth and improvement, accessing my knowledge can be incredibly valuable. Having engaged in numerous business ventures across various sectors and fulfilling diverse roles within companies, I have amassed extensive experience. I have encountered and overcome numerous challenges through trial and error. Utilizing my expertise, I can offer valuable advice and assistance. With the breadth of my knowledge, you can gain a significant advantage and propel yourself ahead.

  • What can you anticipate or gain from engaging with these video modules?

Drawing upon my extensive knowledge, I have carefully curated the most pertinent topics that I believe will truly benefit you. In these video modules, I strive to explain everything in a clear and practical manner. To enhance your understanding, visual aids such as images and animations are incorporated. I have endeavored to make these videos enjoyable and engaging, ensuring a pleasant and fun learning experience.

  • What is the expected duration of each video module?

On average, each video module has a duration of approximately 15 minutes.

  • What is the price or cost of a video module?

Upon clicking “Video Modules” in the menu, you will be presented with the pricing details for each package.  If you choose to purchase all modules together, you will receive a 20% discount. By investing just AED 528 you can acquire my comprehensive knowledge amassed over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience.

  • Is it possible to receive personalized support or coaching that caters specifically to my needs?

Absolutely! I offer personalized advice, support, and coaching through online video calls. If you’re based in Dubai, we can even arrange face-to-face meetings. Additionally, you have the option to subscribe for a 3-month period at a cost of just AED 885 a month. With this subscription, you gain exclusive access to communicate with me via business WhatsApp. You can ask questions, seek advice, brainstorm ideas, and receive regular guidance. This unique concept provides you with the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of an experienced coach with 25 years of diverse entrepreneurial experience, typically valued at prices upwards of 10,000 AED or more.

  • May I inquire about any topic? Is your knowledge extensive when it comes to entrepreneurship?

Certainly, feel free to ask me any questions you may have. While I possess a wealth of knowledge about entrepreneurship, I must acknowledge that I don’t have expertise in every aspect. However, I am committed to providing you with honest and accurate information. Additionally, I have a remarkable team of experienced specialists whom I have known for years. They have been instrumental in supporting me and have contributed significantly to my understanding. My practical experience spans across various sectors, where I have diligently worked at different levels. This includes roles such as a truck and forklift driver, as well as positions in management, both at a commercial and general level. I have had the privilege of leading large groups of employees, both directly and indirectly. Consequently, I possess firsthand knowledge of the dynamics and operations on the shop and factory floor. Furthermore, I have also had the opportunity to lead board meetings, enabling me to comprehend the broader organizational aspects.

  • Has your track record in managing organizations and running your own businesses always been marked by success?

Since the inception of my career in salaried employment, I have consistently strived to give my best, resulting in notable achievements across all the positions I held. I successfully revitalized struggling companies, transforming them into profitable and thriving ventures. However, when I ventured into my own business for the first time, I did face a bankruptcy at one point. Nevertheless, I consider that experience as a valuable lesson from which I learned and grew, enabling me to make wiser decisions in subsequent endeavors.

  • What is the reason behind not adopting the appearance of a businessman, characterized by a smart suit and tie?

Up until four years ago, I did indeed embrace a wardrobe of suits, including three-piece ensembles. However, as time went on, I found that I no longer felt the need to prove myself and grew weary of the constant suit attire. I made a conscious decision to be true to myself, and interestingly enough, I discovered that those around me genuinely appreciated my authenticity. Contrary to expectations, this choice did not hinder my performance in the business world. I also find enjoyment in occasionally being provocative, as it tends to leave a lasting impression on people. In fact, I even had a lighthearted moment when a newspaper referred to me as “the striking man,” which I found quite amusing.

  • What is the reason behind featuring a Lamborghini in the pictures?

My deep passion lies in fast cars and motorsports. I have been a proud owner of a Lamborghini for several years and continue to be a fervent admirer of the brand. Regrettably, the limited speed limits in Dubai don’t quite allow me to fully unleash the potential of such a remarkable car. In fact, I have a tattoo of a steering wheel from my first Lamborghini on my arm, symbolizing my profound connection to the world of automobiles. Additionally, by featuring the Lamborghini in the pictures, I aim to convey a message that through successful business endeavors, one can achieve the remarkable feat of owning such a vehicle within a year. I personally accomplished this milestone, and I want to emphasize that many incredible possibilities can be realized with determination and entrepreneurial acumen.

  • Could you provide guidance on the necessary steps to start a business in Dubai? Additionally, what assistance can you offer to expedite the process?

Certainly, I can provide you with prompt assistance and advice on various aspects. (please also check SERVICES on the main page) I collaborate with a dedicated team of experts well-versed in diverse fields. Our services encompass a wide range of provisions, such as visa processing, ID card acquisition, health insurance enrollment, housing arrangements, medical tests, bank account setup, and cost-effective financial transactions. Our approach is highly practical, and we strive to ensure personalized attention to each individual. We value your uniqueness, and our utmost priority is to expedite and streamline all necessary arrangements efficiently. As your single point of contact, I, Marc, will oversee the entire process.

  • What are the available methods for me to contact you?

While I prioritize prompt responses, it is important to note that I may not be available to reply instantly in every moment. However, sending an email would be the most preferable method of contact. Rest assured, I personally handle all correspondence and strive to reply swiftly. Although direct interaction may not be immediate, please provide your name and telephone number so that I can get back to you as soon as possible. Kindly specify the type of advice, assistance, or coaching you are seeking. You can use the contact form.

How start business in Dubai