How to start a business in Dubai

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How start Business in Dubai

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions Web & Business Support

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Web & Business Support, hereinafter referred to as, WB, handles information as carefully as possible and gives advice based on its own vision and experience. All advice is completely non-binding and should be taken for your perusal.

WB thinks along with companies and bases its advice on its own experience and logic. WB works very practically and directly.

WB is not responsible for any outcome after following given tips, advice or support. The client remains at all times responsible for the management and decisions within the company.

The advice given by WB is carefully delivered and the WB team assists the client to achieve her goals as quickly as possible. Marc, in consultation with his client, deploys certain members of the WB team as needed.

All possible costs to perform certain work or provide additional support are always discussed and agreed upon with the client in advance.

Client can use the following services provided by WB:

– Corporate Coaching and support

– Private coaching and support

– Video knowledge modules online

– Subscriptions for chat business support and advice

– Web and SEO-SEA support and campaigns

– Social Media support and campaigns

– Business Set-up work

– World health insurance

– Brokerage

– Financial advice and favorable money transactions

– Construction of websites and web shops

The knowledge video modules are compiled with the greatest care and activated online. In case of any internet malfunction, or if these video modules and links do not work properly, the client should send an email to Also for complaints, an email with a description of the complaint should be sent to the above email address. 

Payments are processed online. For additional services, after approval, an invoice is sent with the payment conditions as agreed in advance.

For a subscription to the business chat support and advice, the number of questions via this business WhatsApp is limited to a maximum of twenty app questions per week. The WhatsApp is active Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Friday from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

When purchasing, taking, asking questions, ordering services from WB, the client expressly agrees to these terms and conditions.

For all other questions, contact can be made via email to